Theodore Clement "T.C." Steele, ‘The Bloom of the Grape ’, 1893, Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields

34 7/8 x 45 x 2 3/4 in. framed

Image rights: Image provided by Indianapolis Museum of Art

Bequest of Delavan Smith

About Theodore Clement "T.C." Steele

Though Theodore Clement (T.C.) Steele made his living as a portrait painter, he was passionate about landscape and nature painting—he even purchased a studio wagon in order to work while traveling the countryside with his family. Steele eventually settled in Brown County, Indiana, and attracted a following of artists to eventually form the Art Colony of the Midwest. Steele was a member of the Hoosier Group of American regional Impressionist painters, whose ranks included William Forsyth, Otto Stark, and J. Ottis Adams; these artists not only shared a common style, but also all studied abroad before returning to Indiana to pursue landscape painting.

American, 1847-1926