THEOHUXXX, ‘Face to Face’, 2018, de Plume Gallery

"Face to Face" by THEOHUXXX is a unique, mixed media on paper painting that is signed by the artist on the front. The artist created this original work in 2018 using acrylic and ink on paper. It measures 18” H x 12” W. It comes with a numbered and signed certificate of authenticity.

THEOHUXXX, also know as Phil Anderson Blythe, paints the human body combining watercolor realism and exaggerated acrylic facial interpretations, giving life to stoic figures conceived from his colorful imagination. Grounded in the reality that while the human body is bound to certain standards in society, all of us “end up in a hole in the ground with our skin rotting off.” For Blythe capturing the beautiful imperfections of our wailing limbs is a gratifying experience. THEOHUXXX is based in Los Angeles.

Signature: Signed on the front.

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based in Los Angeles, CA, USA

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