Theresa Chong, ‘Miksa (between)’, 2009, DANESE/COREY

About Theresa Chong

Theresa Chong’s meticulous drawings find roots in her background and early career in music. Chong, a trained cellist employed for a period under the composer and conductor Peter Kotik, is as influenced by Abstract Expressionism as she is by the work of John Cage. In title, form, and execution, Chong’s drawings make reference to rhythm and lyricism. Her recurring motifs are intricate lattices of drawn lines, punctuated by geometric nodes, and some portions her compositions reappear in several works. Chong sticks to monochromatic palettes with sharp contrasts. Her drawings are constructed on delicate white and indigo-dyed rice paper—the latter variety is so rare that it took the artist years to secure her supply.

Korean-American, b. 1965