Thierry De Cordier, ‘Vesica Piscis (visio smaragdina)’, 2010, Xavier Hufkens

About Thierry De Cordier

After a lengthy and varied career as a performer, sculptor, writer, and poet, Thierry de Cordier has devoted himself exclusively to the study of seascapes in an effort to move beyond the sublime, the picturesque, and the other qualities of the romantic landscape. “Visibly, there’s nothing pleasing about a picture that works (otherwise it’s an image or something decorative)…Not the landscape as such, nor its representation, but just the way it works. To my eyes this is the very essence of painting. Something different from the highly ‘suggestive’ character of a romantic picture.” Influenced by the monochromatic topographical paintings made in China in the 17th and 18th centuries, he works with oils, enamel, and Chinese ink to depict the sea as a distillation of all the forces of nature.

Belgian, b. 1954, Oudenaarde, Belgium

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