Thomas Demand, ‘Untitled’, 2017, Make-A-Wish Foundation

Courtesy of Thomas Demand and Sprüth Magers

Please note this work is sold framed.
Framed dimensions: 77.6 x 98.9 cm

Edition 1/2

Tamir suffered from a brain tumor. Make-A-Wish staff member said: “There are times that magic happens right in front of our eyes which is so powerful, that even we have to take a few moments to realize that it’s not a dream.” That’s exactly what happened, as we sat and
watched Tamir practicing with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra. Tamir’s wish was granted at the National Theater, the home of the Philharmonic in Tel Aviv, when he also received the viola he had dreamt of. After receiving the viola, Tamir was invited by the orchestra’s conductor, to practice with them during the dress rehearsal for “The Magic Flute”. The conductor, as well as the members of the orchestra, where amazed with Tamir’s talent and
musical abilities and invited him to perform with them at their upcoming concert. The impact on Tamir was hugely positive and playing with the orchestra at a real concert in front of hundreds of people was a dream come true, making him feel like a professional performer.
One of the team from Make-A-Wish Israel said, “There are times that magic happens right in front of our eyes which is so powerful that even we have to take a few moments to realise that it’s not a dream.”

This event is being run through Make-A-Wish Promotions Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK to which it gifts any profit. The Art of Wishes is a joint event and the profits will be split equally between Make-A-Wish Foundation® UK (295672/SC 037479) and Make-A-Wish Foundation® Israel (580258820).

Image rights: © Thomas Demand, courtesy Sprüth Magers

About Thomas Demand

Thomas Demand creates large-scale photographs that probe the relationship between reproduction and original. Trained as a sculptor, the German artist reconstructs media images of complex interior scenes using ephemeral materials like paper and cardboard. After photographing the painstakingly-crafted, life-sized models, Demand destroys them, leaving only photographic evidence of their fleeting existence. Demand's images often suggest recent activity, yet are eerily devoid of people, resembling the appearance of a film set or even a forensic photograph. Describing his practice of sculpture-based photography, Demand once said, "My work is in itself a ghost of my vision."

German, b. 1964, Munich, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany and Los Angeles, California