Thomas Hammer, ‘Pterophyilum (framed)’, 2014, Artspace Warehouse

Thomas Hammer started his career as an interaction designer at digital agencies in New York City, where he also began his artistic career. His work has been included in exhibitions across the United States and has been acquired by collectors internationally.

He says of his work, “I aim to create emotionally impactful works that explore the relationship between human activity, our natural surroundings, and the possibility of disaster. Though non-representational, my works are inspired by photography—particularly images of vast landscapes, outer space, and major meteorological events. My work alternates from organic and spontaneous to strictly linear and mechanical. I aim to balance these forces to create work that is chaotic, but still controlled. To me, a successful piece is viewed as a window to an imagined space rather than as a physical object.”
This one-of-a-kind original artwork is framed in a black wood frame.

Signature: Signed on Back

Image rights: Artspace Warehouse

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