Thomas Hirschhorn, ‘STRING-TYRE’, 2014, Public Art Fund Benefit Auction 2015

Estimated value: $6,000

The Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn has famously decreed “Energy: Yes! Quality: No!” This ethos is exemplified in the massive sculptural installations for which he is best known. String Tyre captures the spirit of his practice through its humble materials and evidently simple process, creating an object that suggests restrained energy and restricted freedom of movement.

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist, Thomas Hirschhorn

About Thomas Hirschhorn

Using his signature materials of plywood, cardboard, aluminum foil, packing tape, and copious photocopies, Thomas Hirschhorn makes installations that advance pointed critiques of the global military-industrial complex. Hirschhorn’s works overflow with imagery and text, created with a deliberately slap-dash DIY aesthetic and often incorporating the writings of such Leftist philosophers as Antonio Gramsci and Georges Bataille. The over-abundance of ideas and images in Hirschhorn’s installations mimics the media saturation of contemporary life and highlights the desensitization that consumers experience as a result. For Laundrette (2001), the artist transformed the gallery space into a facsimile of a typical Laundromat, complete with drab linoleum floor, garbage bins, and chained up plastic chairs, juxtaposed with the phrases from Marxist writings adorning the walls.

Swiss, b. 1957, Bern, Switzerland, based in Paris, France

Solo Shows

Dvir Gallery, 
Tel Aviv,
New Pixel-Collage by Thomas Hirschhorn

Group Shows

Dvir Gallery, 
Innocent Materials
Dvir Gallery, 
Tel Aviv,
Pallaksh Pallaksh (I don’t know just where I’m going)
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