Thomas Lenk, ‘Sculpture on Tierberg Castle’, 1975, Caviar20

We want to validate the often-heard cliche/myth of finding artists on Instagram.

It can happen.

We credit New York based-curator Andy Robertson (@onderdonxx) for introducing us to German artist Thomas Lenk (1933-2014). Robertson is a huge fan of Lenk's work, and although he is relatively well-known in Germany (at least with those interested in minimalism and geometric abstraction) he is truly under-the-radar in North America. Fortunately, Robertson has been posting images of Lenk's best work with much enthusiasm on social media...

Most of Lenk's "Layered Sculptures" can be found in Germany. He would represent Germany at Documenta in 1968 and then at the Venice Biannale in 1970. Today his sculpture can be found in public spaces across Germany including Stuttgart and Essen. The Tate (London), the AGO (Toronto) and the MoMA (NYC) are just but a few of the institutions that have his work in their permanent collections.

This work, "Schichtskulptur auf Burg Tierberg" (Layered Sculpture on Tierberg Castle) is both a paradigm and an anomaly. While the geometric tube like form in black and silver is exemplary of Lenk's work, the representation of the castle is irregular as Lenk focused on minimal geometric arrangements without figuration. As Lenk completed numerous public sculptures, perhaps this work is a fantasy of an ambitious work in his hometown.

Signature: Signed, numbered and dated by the Artist verso