Thomas Zipp, ‘A.B.: Hysteric Character’, 2013, Patricia Low

Acryl, Öl und Lack auf Leinwand, Künstlerrahmen 90 x 75 cm (Gemälde)
110 x 22 x 22 cm (Sockel)
95 x 43 x 33 cm (Pflanze)

About Thomas Zipp

In large-scale sculptural installations and paintings, Thomas Zipp explores humanity’s dark side. Referencing art history, scientific discovery, politics, popular culture, literature, and philosophy, Zipp creates an ominous vision of the future. In 2008, Zipp’s installation of decommissioned Patriot Missile warheads explored sexual symbolism and power, while a series of large-scale paintings made in 2006, including A.B. Oaktree, depict imaginary plants in a forbidding post-apocalyptic landscape. Like the bizarre German fairy tales Zipp read as a child, his work reveals our appetite for destruction.

German, b. 1966, Heppenheim, Germany, based in Berlin, Germany