Tim Bavington, ‘12 Bar Blues’, 2009, Mark Moore Fine Art

Series of 12 prints, 18 x 18 inches each.

About Tim Bavington

London-born, Las Vegas-based artist Tim Bavington is best known for translating music to canvas by assigning sounds to corresponding colors and compositions. Bavington’s paintings are reminiscent of Op Art from the 1960s, yet possess the synthetic, digital glow of modern times. In his paintings, Bavington aligns the 12 notes of a musical scale with 12 tones of color from the color wheel. Using synthetic polymer paint, he translates audio—guitar music from The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and Oasis—into vertical stripes of color that directly correspond to each note. Although his process adheres to a regimen, Bavington’s paintings remain improvisational and rely on the decisions of his artistic presence. In addition to paintings, Bavington has explored large-scale sculptures, including an installation of musical energy translated to vertical bands of colored steel.

British, b. 1966, Norwich, United Kingdom, based in Las Vegas, Nevada