Tim Berresheim, ‘The Cataract Juggernaut ´15 ( Oops, I did it again) II’, 2015, Galerie Reinhard Hauff

About Tim Berresheim

Tim Berresheim uses a combination of photography and digital media to explore the relationship between art and technology. Prior to year 2000, Berresheim produced primarily collage-based work; however, with the turn of the century he began to embrace the influence of computer-generated imagery, manipulating his compositions with newfound technology. Berresheim's work expands upon the previous limitations of his mediums, (collage, photography, and painting) to challenge boundaries and coerce his two-dimensional plane into a visual sculpture. His abstracted linework and tangled compositions evoke the gestures of a swift hand, although Berresheim's apparent brushstrokes are instead the product of precise three-dimensional digital renderings. Most often, Berresheim prints his images by inkjet onto wood, combining the technologically astute digital quality of his work with a naturally occurring, traditional printing surface.

German, b. 1975, Heinsberg, Germany, based in Cologne, Germany

Group Shows

Kunstmuseum Celle, 
Celle, Germany,
Lichtkunst im 21. Jahrhundert, Teil 1