Tim Hawkinson, ‘Blunderbuss’, 2016, Hosfelt Gallery

Combines satellite images of desert and water to create an antique firearm surreally composed of an Ugg boot and bell-bottom pant leg. The firing mechanism has morphed into a lounging female figure. Inside the barrel is a figure in the shape of a cannonball.

About Tim Hawkinson

Multimedia artist Tim Hawkinson has used a wide variety of common materials, such as plastic bags, used socks, and discarded organic material from his own body, to make his kinetic sculptures, installations, and complex photo collages. He frequently incorporates multiple techniques and media, including sound, in a single sculpture or installation, combining the bodily and the industrial to create a physical world in which flesh and plastic are indistinguishable. The kinetic installation Emoter (2002), for example, is a photographic collage of Hawkinson’s own face, connected by wires to a machine that manipulates his features into expressions of emotion.

American, b. 1960, San Francisco, California, based in Los Angeles, California