Tim Lowly, ‘Study for Shore’, 2016, Koplin Del Rio

In the artist's words:
“Study for Shore is a study for a large work (imagine it being ten feet tall). In preparing this work I invited Chicago artist Maya Durham into a conversation about what the work might be. Her contribution–the upper portions of the piece, depicting fossilized shells–could be a shore or the sky. In the lower half my daughter Temma is seen from above, partially in shadow, looking off to the right. The overwhelming tactility of her hair suggests our intimate presence, but the shadow and her gaze elsewhere questions that relationship. The fossilized shells unmoor the idea of time and scale within the work. (In developing this work I found particular inspiration in Antonio Lopez Garcia’s, “Woman on the Beach”.)

  • Tim Lowly

About Tim Lowly

American, b. 1958, Hendersonville, NC, United States, based in Chicago, IL, United States