Tim Noble & Sue Webster, ‘Nasty Pieces of Work’, 2008-2009, Blain | Southern

2 parts: / 171 x 166 x 86 cm / (67⅜ x 65⅜ x 33⅞ in) / 191 x 156 x 101 cm / (75⅛ x 61⅜ x 39¾ in)

Installation dimensions: variable

About Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Since the late 1980s, collaborators Tim Noble and Sue Webster have been known for their shadow sculptures built from objects like household garbage, taxidermy, and scrap metal. Under directed light, the assemblages cast recognizable shadows, often self-portraits. In a series of Noble and Webster's light sculptures, they use computer light sequencing to flash messages of love and hate, referencing shop-front-type signage and carnival shows of British seaside towns. Merging form and anti-form, high culture and anti-culture, their anti-monuments explore psychology and the way we attach meaning to images.

British, 1966 and 1967, based in London, United Kingdom