Tim Parchikov, ‘From the series "Magnitogorsk. From Stalin to Putin"’, 2010-2011, Marina Gisich Gallery

Joins the series "Magnitogorsk. From Stalin to Putin"

Series: Magnitogorsk. From Stalin to Putin.

Signature: Back side of the frame

Image rights: Tim Parchikov

2015 - "Features of intuition", Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow, Russia
2014 - Trench. Marina Gisich Gallery, St. Petersburg

Comes from the gallery.

About Tim Parchikov

Drawing on his background as a filmmaker, photographer and video artist Tim Parchikov captures solitary figures, as well as urban and rural landscapes, in luminous color, light, and deep shadow. Each of his series forms a narrative, often with a human subject at the center; Parchikov displays his work in combination with music and video in site-specific installations, in order to create an immersive experience akin to cinema. Deeply influenced by the use of chiaroscuro in both film noir and classical Italian painting, his images have a frozen cinematic quality, perhaps best illustrated in his most famous series “Venice” (2007). A conceptual artist at heart, Parchikov omnivorously scours contemporary culture for subject matter, working with people subjects and semi-abstracted objects and spaces interchangeably.

Russian, b. 1983, Moscow, Russia, based in Moscow, Russia