Tim Rowan, ‘Nº 39 "Raritan Clay Box"’, 2015, Chamber

Drawn to the simplicity of form and the relationship between interior and exterior space, Rowan’s boxes are part of a limited series crafted for Chamber from unprocessed clay containing all of its natural impurities.

Carved from a solid chunk of clay, the resulting shapes are of a human scale and ask to be discovered, as their closed form has a heightened element of mystery and curiosity. “Raritan Clay Box” was ground and polished after firing in an electric kiln to 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit, which accentuates its inherent properties.

New York, United States

About Tim Rowan

From a kiln in the woods of upstate New York, Tim Rowan sculpts geode-like ceramic vessels that are both dense and curvilinear. His apprenticeship to Japanese artist Ryuichi Kazurezaki instilled a deep respect for traditional Japanese design, evident in the firing and flame markings of his work. Rowan draws inspiration from both landscapes and man-made objects, and was awarded the prestigious Janet Mansfield Ceramic Award in 2013.