Tim Youd, ‘Self-Portrait Reading Charles Bukowski's Post Office’, 2013, Coagula Curatorial

This limited edition print series was published by Coagula in July 2013 to coincide with artist Tim Youd's now legendary durational performance of re-typing Charles Bukowski's "Post Office", at the Downtown Los Angeles Terminal Annex Post Office. The performance garnered positive critical acclaim from Los Angeles Times critic Christopher Knight, and helped to launch the artist into an ongoing schedule of international site-specific performances, of which he still performs today.

To commemorate this performance, Coagula published three separate lithographic editions of artist Tim Youd's drawing "Self-Portrait Reading Bukowski's Post Office". Each print in each series is uniquely painted upon by the artist with one, two, or three colors.

Series A is numbered A-Z and is embellished with one color of acrylic paint.

Series B is numbered AA-ZZ and is embellished with two colors of acrylic paint.

Series C is numbered AAA-ZZZ and is embellished with three colors of acrylic paint.

Please inquire with Coagula Curatorial to see full range of available prints in all three series.

The displayed image is of Print V from Series A

Signature: Lower Right Corner

Image rights: Tim Youd / Coagula Curatorial

About Tim Youd

American, b. 1967, Worcester, MA, United States, based in Los Angeles, CA, United States