Timothée Talard, ‘Superman’, 2009, Wide Painting
Timothée Talard, ‘Superman’, 2009, Wide Painting

The artwork colors change with light on it, black color becomes silver color.

Series: Black

Signature: On the back of the painting

Image rights: © Timothée Talard. Photo © Wide Painting (Guillaume Hanoun)

"Inside the city" exhibition in 2011 located at Wide Painting, Paris.

The work of Timothée Talard is inspired by populations considered marginal, by alternative lifestyles and life choices such as "underground" culture as well as representatives of new "street" cultures. His paintings focus on the strength of the subject represented only in the empty space of the painting on black backgrounds. The subject himself does not entirely appear, he is perceived through the arrangement of shapes and changes appearance depending on light and viewing angle.


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