Tinker Brothers, ‘Untitled (Brawl)’, 2017, Addicted Art Gallery

Good To Know: Artwork is shipped directly from the artists.

Price: €1,250 excludes shipping, transit insurance and applicable import duties / charges.

Signature: Hand signed by the artists.

Image rights: Tinker Brothers

Arty-Fact: “The inspiration for this artwork came from a lecture by the late philosopher Alan Watts. In his talk he explained that what is discord on one level is harmony on another. For example, the war between white blood cells and bacteria in your bloodstream is chaos on one level, and ensuring the wellbeing of your body and harmony is another. Paradise is a war zone.” - Tinker Brothers

TB Fun-Fact: The brothers always work together at the same time on every art piece in their portfolio.

About Tinker Brothers

Dutch, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands