Tjasa Owen, ‘Incoming’, 2011, Canfin Gallery

Unique - Canvas on board - sides painted as continuation of front

Signature: by the artist

Image rights: Jayme Lawnsby Photography

With crisp and delineated horizons, these sunlit pastorals of Tjasa OWEN are the self-authored landscapes of seas and undulating hills, of farmlands and country-sides, well-traveled and recalled. They are the verses of a wanderer, whose experiences are traced and immortalized in painterly and hand-worked surfaces. Signatured in postscripts, these iambic ramblings of scribbled notes and sketches are the narrative of a poet and her muse – the landscape. These are familiar paths memorialized, non-literal yet alive and discernable. With a unique voice and assured hand, two dimensional worlds rendered by Tjasa OWEN, become tangible places made real and walkable.
Living and painting, both in her studio in San Francisco and on Cape Cod, Owen lovingly recreates these tactile remembrances into vibrant works - testaments of roads once traveled. Acrylic on canvas, sometimes collaged, and hand-worked and overlaid in oil pastel, the artist’s works are inspired from her international travels, her love of coastal and inland landscapes and by the colorful sketchbooks and written correspondence she works on daily.
Born in 1971 Tjasa OWEN received a BA at The University of Virginia. She continued her studies of fine art and art history at the National Academy of Arts in NYC, The Academy of Art in San Francisco and Coupa in Paris. Her work may be found in public and private collections.

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About Tjasa Owen

American, b. 1971, United States, based in United States