TK CHAN, ‘Aurora Map’, 2015, BLINK Gallery

, by applying scientific knowledge in creative arts, Ms TK Chan is calling for solidarity around concerns about global warming. Her new creative oil painting series is called . It is inspired by the mysteriously beautiful but volatile Aurora Borealis, which can be seen in the north of Scotland. TK is applying her self-invented creative and interpretive brush strokes in to capture the light patterns through her own eyes. The artist has used this series of paintings to bring an awareness of Global warming as an issue that everyone should be concerned about.

The are circular artworks, which represent the Earth, Sun, Stars and the relationship of Human Solidarity. Each brush stroke is created using a unique circular motion. These numerous small circles, depicted on a circular canvas act as metaphors that appeal to everyone regardless of skin colour, race, nationality, political background, culture, gender, sexual orientation, ability, health, disability, social class, wealth or any other background to join together to protect our mother Earth in harmony.

Series: Aurora Collection

Art Stage Singapore, BLINK Gallery, Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo & Convention Centre
Singapore Contemporary, BLINK Gallery, Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre

Ink Asia 2016, BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong Convention Centre (Dec)
Affordable Art Fair, BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong (May), Seoul (Sept) & Singapore (Nov)
SCOTTISH LANDSCAPE Solo Exhibition, BLINK Gallery, Hong Kong Cultural Centre (Nov)
Asia Contemporary Art Show, Conrad Hong Kong (Sept)
BAZAAR ART JAKARTA, The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta (Aug)
AURORA REVELATION Solo Exhibition, Grosvenor Maybury Casino, Edinburgh, UK

The Gallery - Floor of Love - Hotel sav Hong Kong
Hong Kong Modern Art Show, Asia World - Expo, Hong Kong
Asia Contemporary Art Show (Spring & Autumn) - Conrad Hong Kong
“Hong Kong International Cultural and Creative Industries Fair 2015”, Airport Expo
“AURORA” Solo Exhibition – BLINK Gallery HK

The Chinese Art Exhibition “The Bridge” - Scotland China Culture Exchange Ltd, Ocean Terminal,
Edinburgh, UK
“On My Mind” – University of South Wales, Cardiff, UK
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 – theSpace at Symposium Hall, Edinburgh
Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014 – Planet Café, Edinburgh, UK
The Blue Bean Coffee House – Portobello, Edinburgh, UK
Terroir Of France – The Cityview Hong Kong
League of Unique Wine – Harvey Nichols at Landmark, HK
BLINK Character Design Exhibition (March 2014) - The Laguna Mall, HK
“The Reality of My Scotland” Solo Exhibition – Grosvenor Maybury Casino, Edinburgh, UK
“The Reality of My Scotland” at Hong Kong People’s Fringe Festival – Cuisine Rouge, HK
“The Reality of My Scotland Music Castle” – BLINK Gallery HK


Hong Kong, b. 1984, Hong Kong, based in Hong Kong