Tobias Bernstrup, ‘South of Heaven’, 2014, Andréhn-Schiptjenko

About Tobias Bernstrup

Grounded in drag-based performances and music, Tobias Bernstrup’s media-spanning practice is influenced by sources as varied as video games and canonical artists such as Cindy Sherman. The artist’s work, which also includes expanded paintings and installations, broaches popular culture and science fiction as it reflects both utopian and dystopian impulses. Bernstrup often envisions new biological forms in his work, as in one piece that features a triple-breasted woman. Such speculative projects suggest that the artist’s vision of the future is based in curiosity more than determinism. “I would rather create alternative routes to experiencing and understanding the world, understanding what it means to be human today,” he has said. “We are more artificial than we want to admit.”

Swedish, b. 1970, Gothenburg, Sweden