Toby Ziegler, ‘The Genesis Speech’, 2017, Daata Editions

This Free to Download artwork on Daata Editions, coincides with Toby Ziegler's Freud Museum exhibition The Genesis Speech, comprises a sequence of still and moving images on two screens generated using Russian search engine ‘Yandex', and a score made by the artist in collaboration with Richard Russell. The top screen displays a slowly shifting sequence of eclectic representations of the hand, including Napoleon’s sceptre The Hand of Justice, a design for a futuristic prosthetic arm said to outperform the real thing and the dismembered hand from Evil Dead 2 which is reanimated and attempts to kill its former owner. The bottom screen shows a rapidly accelerating succession of tangental images deemed to be ‘visually similar‘ by a reverse image search, tightly synced to the soundtrack. The result is a sort of visual Chinese whispers in which unexpected visual echoes and poetic possibilities for meaning arise.

Toby Ziegler, The Genesis Speech, Freud Museum London 13 September -26 November 2017

About Toby Ziegler

Toby Ziegler arrived at his distinctive process of art-making following his graduation from art school as a way of dealing with the disillusionment he felt about being an artist. Using 3-D modeling software, Ziegler takes found images (Flemish Old Master paintings, John Constable's clouds, 16th-century pornography) and translates them into pixels. Then, he works over Inkjet prints of the results by hand with paint or correction fluid, or, more recently, renders them in oil on canvas or aluminum panels. Ziegler's sculptures likewise begin from flat source images redrawn as 3-D models. In The Alienation of Objects (2010), Ziegler used grainy photos of the Iberian head Pablo Picasso famously stole from the Louvre and chiseled away at to remake the sculpture in a Cubist redo, part two. Ziegler has also turned Victorian England's kitsch Staffordshire pottery dogs into towering geometric forms of cardboard and gesso.

British, b. 1972, London, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom