Todd Hido, ‘HOUSE HUNTING’, 2001/2007, do you read me?!

Text by A.M. Homes, English, 33 x 43 cm, 56 pages, 26 color plates,
Nazraeli Press, Tucson, 2001/2007

Series: second printing, that is a faithful reprint of the 2002 first printing

Signature: signed copy

House Hunting, the book itself is arresting, handsomely designed, beautifully printed in luscious four-color, and measuring 13 x 17 inches. Most important, however, is that each of these elements serves Hido's imagery, perfectly blending substance and form. The large color photographs, made primarily at night, portray suburbia as lonely and perplexing, yet utterly familiar. Interiors and exteriors are photographed while light spills in from the windows or bathes the aluminum siding in an otherworldly glow. "In Hido's photographs, the rest of the world remains present, but unseen--its demands to be expressed or signified are held in abeyance, stirring the viewer's own memories."--Artweek.

About Todd Hido

Most of Todd Hido’s photographs of suburban landscapes are taken during solitary, long drives. The main subject of his work is the quality of natural and artificial light in the American landscape, as in reflected sunrays or the illumination of a television pouring from an anonymous window. Hido takes his pictures in a “fairly undirected way”, he says, but edits his negatives together and manipulates them until he produces an image that represents his encounter with a place. In describing his process, Hido said, “I shoot sort of like a documentarian, but I print like a painter.” He has also produced a number of interior shots featuring human figures, his models including his wife and former girlfriends.

American, b. 1968, Kent, Ohio, based in San Francisco, California