Todd McKie, ‘Science Never Sleeps’, 2016, Gallery NAGA

About Todd McKie

Todd McKie works in a distinctive visual style identifiable for its reduced forms and ragged line work. His deceptively simple, quotidian scenes with everyman protagonists belie explorations of human interaction and the absurdity of contemporary life. They also draw heavily upon personal experience—his travels and immediate surroundings, the people in his life, and even the meals he has eaten have appeared in his works. McKie’s body of work includes paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, and collages, but the root of his practice is in drawing. McKie’s work is most influenced by what is typically categorized as Outsider or Primitivist Art, as well as the work of children. When asked to explain his practice, McKie responded, “I try to make the most beautiful, mysterious, funniest, and truest things I can.”

American, b. 1944, based in Boston, Massachusetts