Todd Pierce, ‘Dollar Sign’, 2016, Oliver Cole Gallery

Todd Pierce
Dollar Sign
Sign Plaque/ Installation
27 x 27 x 1.76

Todd Pierce is inspired by Andy Warhol, who taught us through his silk-screened images of Campbell Soup cans back in 1962, that objects of our popular culture can be interpreted as "art" if we open our eyes and minds. Warhol's work certainly captured Americana and Pierce is attempting to capture today's global popular culture through iconography...after all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

He has designed brand identities for many companies large and small and redesigned the New York City Subway System sign program in the early 1980's. Pierce has designed the brand identity and signage programs for several municipal and university parking operations and is an expert at wayfinding and signage having recently completed the design of his 150th parking facility. Parking and Transportation clients have included the Cities of Albany, NY, Anchorage, AK, Boise, ID, Boulder, CO, Lincoln, NE, Napa, CA, Omaha, NE, Portland, OR, San Francisco, CA, Seattle, WA, Stockton, CA, Westport, WA and several major universities. He was a member of the team that designed the pedestrian wayfinding signage for the City of Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games and has designed parking-related signage for the Olympic Speed Skating Oval facility as well as for the parking facilities at Vancouver International Airport (YVR).

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