Tom & Lois White, ‘Crosby St. #7’, Exhibit No. 9

“Urban: Redux” is a series of photo-based composites of fragments and layers of visual and textural elements of urban landscapes in the process of transience and decay. The images act as environmental portraits of landscapes collected "around the corner" in a particular location; in this case the Lower East Side of New York City. They are transient because of exposure to weathering, painting over, removal, etc.. The images freeze the disintegrating visual elements, textures, architecture, surfaces, spraypaint, paint, stickers, cement, tar, diamond plate, street grates, etc., and preserves them in one window of vision.

The non-traditional print process accentuates the raw textural nature of the images.

Framing & shadowbox available upon request at additional cost.

Series: Urban: Redux

Signature: Hand-signed and numbered

Image rights: © Tom & Lois White

About Tom & Lois White

Photography duo ToLo, comprised of Tom and Lois White, explore the vagaries of light and color in abstract, multiple exposure images. Experimenting with light sources at varying times of day and in a range of locations, ToLo’s work examines how the human eye perceives luminosity. In the “roadway/conversations” series, traffic lamps and neon signs found along roadsides are blurred and obscured through ToLo’s lens. The utilitarian lights shape-shift into forms that resemble brush strokes, geysers, and other explosive elements that evoke motion and metamorphosis. Explosives themselves are captured in ToLo’s “fire/works” series, where chromatically vibrant, incandescent images evoke the wonder and drama induced by fireworks displays.

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