Tom & Lois White, ‘fire / works #45’, Exhibit No. 9

This subtractive multiple exposure photo-based body of work represents our unique view of the mundane yet broadly popular phenomenon - firework displays. Always viewed from a distance and in a predetermined mechanical sequence, it is a very common visual experience. Our idea is to imagine what it is like to be up close and inside the event and visualize the light and energy more intimately, and to present it all in a still image. We photograph, dissect and reconfigure the scenes, then relaunch the sequence. With the combination of abstract and representational, we retain an essence of the original event but with a new painterly sense.

The non-traditional print process accentuates the spontaneous gestural nature of the image giving the impression of brush strokes, spray paint, ink drawings and other art media.

Framing & shadowbox available upon request at additional cost.

Series: fire /works

Signature: Hand-signed and numbered

Image rights: ©Tom & Lois White

"N.E.W. (New Experimental Works)", 2013
"Explosure", 2014
"186,000 Miles Per Second", 2016
"Sometime Where", 2016
"It's A Shore Thing", 2017

About Tom & Lois White

Photography duo ToLo, comprised of Tom and Lois White, explore the vagaries of light and color in abstract, multiple exposure images. Experimenting with light sources at varying times of day and in a range of locations, ToLo’s work examines how the human eye perceives luminosity. In the “roadway/conversations” series, traffic lamps and neon signs found along roadsides are blurred and obscured through ToLo’s lens. The utilitarian lights shape-shift into forms that resemble brush strokes, geysers, and other explosive elements that evoke motion and metamorphosis. Explosives themselves are captured in ToLo’s “fire/works” series, where chromatically vibrant, incandescent images evoke the wonder and drama induced by fireworks displays.

Solo Shows

Asbury Park,
It's A Shore Thing
Asbury Park,
Sometime Where
Asbury Park,