Tom Climent, ‘Kiel’, 2016, J. Cacciola Gallery

Climent’s work over the last twenty years or so has varied from paintings of figurative, urban and landscape subjects, sometimes referencing the history of painting. His most recent work tends to focus on the creation of a structured space, while investigating the boundaries between abstraction and representation.
This new series is focused around spatial constructs and how they might provide a structured space for our environment. Referencing landscape, various types of structures and natural phenomena, the compositions range from the visually complex to simple basic structures. By the manipulation of the materials, scale and weight of these structures, Climent tries to obscure their basic properties and any identifiable purpose. The work touches on our relationship with the spatial, formal and emotional qualities of architecture. It suggests a narrative but never actually reveals what that might be.

About Tom Climent

Irish, b. 1970, Cork, Ireland

Solo Shows

Trí: Tom Climent, Marty Kelly and Suzy O'Mullane

Group Shows

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J. Cacciola Gallery at Art Toronto 2013