Tom Dash, ‘Untitled (Paradise Painting)’, 2014, Mark Borghi Fine Art

About Tom Dash

Working to the beat of his favorite music—fuel and fodder for his art—Tom Dash, formerly known as Tom Goeller, borrows from popular culture, producing mixed-media paintings, photographs, sculptures, murals, and installations through which he offers his take on Gen X and Y America. He is inspired by the 1980s and ‘90s, the decades of his youth, and by the art of appropriation, to which he had first-hand exposure while working for Richard Prince. His own work abounds with images of racecars, pinup girls, and album art, and text from song lyrics and titles of favorite artworks. In his canvases, these motifs appear enlarged and floating against loosely painted backgrounds, or repeated across the picture plane. Dash calls these compositions “post-production paintings,” referring to his privileging of subject matter over technique, with a nod to the post-everything era in which we live.

American, b. 1975, based in New York, New York

Solo Shows

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