Tom Fabia, ‘Intro’, ArtStar

ABOUT THIS ARTIST: Tom Fabia is a french artist living in the south of France. His parents are both artists and he chose to follow their lead. Tom's focus as a photographer is mainly with landscapes. He uses these stunning environments to carry the viewer away on a journey far from reality.

PACKAGING: 30x40" and 40x60" prints are shipped in a special fortified tube to guard against bending or damage. Framed 30x40" prints are shipped via FedEx in a bespoke cardboard box with a fitted interior armature for the frame. We do not frame the extra large, 40x60" print sizes because they are too large to ship without risking damage.

INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: ArtStar ships unframed prints internationally via DHL. The international shipping cost does not include the tax & duties, which will be the responsibility of the customer. Unfortunately, because of the high shipping cost we do not ship framed prints internationally at this time.

Publisher: ARTSTAR

About Tom Fabia