Tom Marioni, ‘1.2 Finger Line’, 2006, Sandra Gering Inc

About Tom Marioni

A pioneer of Conceptual art, Tom Marioni creates sculptures, drawings, prints, and works that incorporate sound, video, and light. In 1970 Marioni produced his seminal performance-installation work The Art of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art (1970), for which he installed a bar and hosted a party in a gallery space; in the same year he opened the Museum of Conceptual Art, an alternative San Francisco art space. Influenced by Eastern philosophy, Marioni also produced a series of action drawings in which gestural marks were the product of the artist running, jumping, or rotating his arm in a circular motion, using his body as a compass to record his farthest reach and marry physical effort with mark-making. “There’s the tradition of the ensō [“circle”] in Japan,” Marioni has said of the eastern influence on these drawings. “It’s about breathing, mark-making, and picture-writing.”

American, b. 1937, based in San Francisco, California