Tomás Sánchez, ‘Descubridor de lagunas’, 2007, Marlborough Madrid & Barcelona

About Tomás Sánchez

Among the most celebrated contemporary Cuban artists, Tomás Sánchez is best known for his ethereal, idealized painted land- and waterscapes, informed by his practice of yoga and meditation. As he describes: “I have always had two fundamental interests in life: art and meditation, both of them intimately related. The interior spaces that I experience in meditation are converted into the landscapes of my paintings; the restlessness of my mind transformed into landfills.” Though he also produces photographs, prints, and drawings, as well as biblically inspired scenes of urban life, Sánchez focuses primarily on his natural surroundings, which he shows either devoid of or dwarfing human beings, or besmirched with bags of trash, transformed into landfills. Evocative and meticulously painted, and infused with a preternatural serenity, his sublime natural vistas recall those of Caspar David Friedrich and the Hudson River School.

Cuban, b. 1948, Aguada de Pasajeros, Cuba, based in Miami, Costa Rica