Tomasz Kowalski, ‘Untitled ’, 2010, The Dot Project

About Tomasz Kowalski

In dreamlike works tinged with darkness and ambiguity, Tomasz Kowalski merges references to Polish culture and society, art history, and his own life and experiences. Though he primarily concentrates on painting, he also produces sculpture, installation, drawing, and collage. His indebtedness to Expressionism can be seen in his imaginative use of color and in the distortion and semi-abstractedness of the human and animal figures and domestic objects that populate his compositions. He is also inspired by Surrealism, as evidenced by the illogic and emotion that seem to govern his strange scenes. These have included a lone male figure wandering against a background filled with repeating images of a woman’s parted lips and a family of mice ensconced in a landscape composed entirely of cheese. Through such images, Kowalski suggests that life is a tragicomedy and that we are its actors.

Polish, b. 1984, Szczebrzeszyn, Poland, based in Szczebrzeszyn and Warsaw