A set of six trompe l'oeil compositions of prints attached to wooden backboards

Some of the prints by Rembrandt, Stefano della Bella and Jacques Callot can be identified:

i) Rembrandt (top right; Bartsch 16, in reverse); Rembrandt (lower left; similar to Bartsch 10, in reverse); della Bella (lower right; de Vesme 823 I/VI, p. 165); della Bella (top left; de Vesme 829 I/VI, p. 167)

ii) Callot (top left; Lieure 420)

iii) Callot (top center; Lieure 438 - detail); Callot (lower left; Lieure 439); Curti after Guercino (Bagni 126)

iv) Callot (top left; Lieure 407); Callot (lower left; Lieure 419 and 416 - on one sheet)

v) Rembrandt (top left; Bartsch 311, in reverse)

vi) Rosa (lower right; Bartsch 35)

Signature: Signed and dated 'in Roma 1773' (i); 'All'Illmo. e Rmo Monsige Spreti/ In Roma presso Tommaso Chiuso/ Torinese l'Anno 1774.' and 'per Tom' (ii); 'Tomaso/ Chiuso/ Torinese fec./ ** Roma 1774' (iii); 'To Chiuso inv. et del.' (v); 'Per Tommaso Chiuso *' and 'Tommaso Chiuso Torinese/ fece in Roma l'Anno 1773 alle/ 17 di Agosto' (vi); and each with extensive inscriptions on the prints, printed pages and calling cards.

About Tommaso Chiuso

active second half of the 18th century