Tommaso Chiuso, ‘A set of six trompe l'oeil compositions of prints attached to wooden backboards’, Christie's Old Masters

Some of the prints by Rembrandt, Stefano della Bella and Jacques Callot can be identified:

i) Rembrandt (top right; Bartsch 16, in reverse); Rembrandt (lower left; similar to Bartsch 10, in reverse); della Bella (lower right; de Vesme 823 I/VI, p. 165); della Bella (top left; de Vesme 829 I/VI, p. 167)

ii) Callot (top left; Lieure 420)

iii) Callot (top center; Lieure 438 - detail); Callot (lower left; Lieure 439); Curti after Guercino (Bagni 126)

iv) Callot (top left; Lieure 407); Callot (lower left; Lieure 419 and 416 - on one sheet)

v) Rembrandt (top left; Bartsch 311, in reverse)

vi) Rosa (lower right; Bartsch 35)

Signature: Signed and dated 'in Roma 1773' (i); 'All'Illmo. e Rmo Monsige Spreti/ In Roma presso Tommaso Chiuso/ Torinese l'Anno 1774.' and 'per Tom' (ii); 'Tomaso/ Chiuso/ Torinese fec./ ** Roma 1774' (iii); 'To Chiuso inv. et del.' (v); 'Per Tommaso Chiuso *' and 'Tommaso Chiuso Torinese/ fece in Roma l'Anno 1773 alle/ 17 di Agosto' (vi); and each with extensive inscriptions on the prints, printed pages and calling cards.

About Tommaso Chiuso

active second half of the 18th century

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