Tomoko Nagao, ‘Il Quarto Stato after Pellizza’, 2016, Deodato Arte

"Il Quarto Stato after Pellizza with Motta, Campari, Pirelli, Armani, Prada, Chicco, Alitalia an Visa at Piazza Duomo", recent work of the extraordinary Street Pop artist, Tomoko Nagao.

Pop-people are going forward inexorably holding a Campari magnum bottle. The working class wears Armani (fake or original), with lots of typical brands of Milan like the "panetùn" Panettone Motta.
Behind this crowd of proudly consumerism people the Duomo of Milan in a Pop Gothic version, read back with a detailed work of forms and vectors which build even the sculptures of the Guglie with characters coming from Tomoko's artworks.

In the sky the Tomoko-Visa gold card is floating: with this special credit card you can buy whatever you want in Milan, "the shopping capital"!

Signature: Artwork signed bu the artist

About Tomoko Nagao

Japanese, b. 1976, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan, based in Italy