Tony Bevan, ‘Violet Interior’, 2002, Enitharmon Editions

This print accompanies the signed and slipcased artists' book by Harold Pinter, 'The Disappeared and Other Poems'. It is sold unframed, and included loose in the slipcase that houses the de luxe book.

Signature: Tony Bevan

Publisher: Enitharmon Editions

The Disappeared and Other Poems

About Tony Bevan

Tony Bevan paints expressive, unsettling portraits that recall the work of Lucian Freud, Frank Auerbach, and Leon Kossoff. Since the 1980s, Bevan has been producing unconventional self-portraits that explore physical transformation as a metaphor for feelings and other aspects of psychological and emotional life. Using primarily charcoal and acrylics, Bevan works directly on canvas that he lays on his studio floor. Bevan strives to prove in his work that there is more to portraiture than capturing a physical likeness.

British, b. 1951, Bradford, United Kingdom