Tony Gum, ‘Black Coca-Cola Series - Mother’, 2015, Christopher Moller Gallery

Black Coca Cola series

Tony Gum’s fresh and energetic imagery has attracted national attention. With gusto she is producing a new prism with which to view African contemporary art and culture. Her latest project Black Coca - Cola features an array of projected identities that she has beautifully spliced together with the global iconic Coke brand. Coke has conventionally been famous for their pop culture branding and Gum has successfully melded the pop feel with dynamic Xhosa garb, ‘African exotic’, ‘Afropolitan’ urban chic and the archetypal ‘Bunny Girl’. Through the power of the visual, Gum aims to show a pathway to embracing Western brands, while remaining true and proud of one’s heritage. Her inspiration and message behind the Black Coca-Cola series, is creating an African representative for the popular beverage, giving the coke brand a uniquely African feel. Her imagery creates an intimate link between the brand and the ‘people’. Gum is proud of her African heritage but she is equally happy to fuse with Western brands, she has the best of both worlds.

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