Tony Gum, ‘uTwiggy II ’, 2015, Christopher Moller Gallery

uTwiggy Series – Tony Gum

Twiggy was a 1960’s English super model at the height of pop culture.
uTwiggy, Gum’s unique African conceptualization of the iconic woman, is a
fusion of traditional African culture with the archetypal Twiggy imagery.
Each photograph in the Twiggy series is refreshing, light and playful as Gum
effortlessly splices together symbols of African culture with the quintessential
Twiggy pop feel. Gum’s images celebrate her African heritage while
embracing the iconic Western brands. Gum’s message behind the Twiggy
series is to embody conventionally white Western pop icons with a fresh
black feel. In doing so she has created an African model for these popular
brands. Gum has succeeded in proclaiming her pride in her African heritage
while simultaneously embracing Western culture; she has the best of both

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