Tony Tasset, ‘Untitled (Snowman)’, 2017, Kavi Gupta

About Tony Tasset

Master of the vernacular, mixed-media artist Tony Tasset sends-up Americana and the American dream in his sardonic, psychedelic sculptures, installations, films, and photographs, which he describes as “Pop Conceptual.” From his base in Chicago (appropriately, an American center-point), he generates works that he sends across the country and abroad. These include a giant Paul Bunyan with uncharacteristically drooping shoulders; trompe l’oeil snowmen and smashed jack-o-lanterns; abstract compositions on panel of colored blotches spilling from various consumer products and fast foods; and a grotesque, cartoonish figure composed of hotdogs. Citing Norman Rockwell and Walt Disney as influences, Tasset aims to tap into—and twist—iconic American imagery, asking: “Could I take something that's so banal, so quoted, that everybody has kind of made, and could I treat it like a Giacometti? Could I give it that pathos and existential angst?”

American, b. 1960, Cincinnati, Ohio, based in Chicago, Illinois

Group Shows

Stuart & Co. Gallery, 
Kevin Maginnis: Spun
Art+Culture Projects, 
East Hampton,
All Killer No Filler