Tor Archer, ‘Winged Figure’, 2014, Julie Nester Gallery

About Tor Archer

Through freestanding and relief sculptures, as well as mixed-media works on paper, Tor Archer brings references to religion, mythology, history, and ancient Egyptian and classical Greek and Roman culture to 21st-century viewers. Working with materials including terracotta, marble, and bronze, he focuses principally on the female figure, which he presents in a pared-down form. Archer often overlays references to nature onto these figures by crafting them out of elements shaped like twigs, leaves, and vines. “I choose the female form as a representation of the life-giving, nurturing, and eternal forces of nature,” Archer once explained. “I am inspired by direct observations from nature: the structure of branches, looking up through a canopy of trees, the way vines intertwine, the weaving of nests, layering of sedimentary rock, erosion of cliffs, crystalline structure, the general way the natural world is formed.”

American, b. 1958, Concord, Massachusetts