Torolab, ‘La mesa sin fin (Goeritz-Kiesler)’, 2014, Galería OMR

About Torolab

Founded by Raúl Cárdenas Osuna in 1995, Torolab is a socially engaged artist collective, workshop, and laboratory that brings together a consortium of artists, architects, and designers committed to examining and elevating the quality of life for residents of Tijuana and the trans-border region. For The Region of the Transborder Trousers (La región de los pantalones transfronterizos) (2004–5), the collective used GPS transmitters to explore the logistics of daily life in Tijuana and San Diego. Members of Torolab wore the devices and tracked their daily movements around the border region; the resulting data was then converted into an animated map. For the collective’s series “Molecular Urbanism”, they turned a gallery space into a laboratory for experiments around the multiple uses of a garden, presenting proposals for large-scale architectural interventions.