Toshiko Takaezu, ‘Toshiko Takaezu Pair of Closed Forms’, Late 20th Century, Jeffrey Spahn Gallery

Pair of Toshiko Takaezu pots. Toshiko Takaezu is one of the most iconic artists in American ceramics, known for her forms and glazes, this piece are in mint condition. Takaezu was a professor at Princeton. She studied at the Cranbrook Art Institute and was close personal friends with Jack Lenor Larson, Harry Bertoia and many others. A close colleague of Lenore Tawney, Georgia O'Keefe and Isamu Noguchi, Ms. Takaezu made a huge impact on contemporary ceramics and the fine art world. These two are classic examples of Takaezu's work: Elegant in form with gorgeous blends of colors.

Private collection

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