Tracey Emin, ‘Wanting You’, 2014, Alpha 137 Gallery
Tracey Emin, ‘Wanting You’, 2014, Alpha 137 Gallery
Tracey Emin, ‘Wanting You’, 2014, Alpha 137 Gallery

When Tracey Emin first offered these embroidered handkerchief, they sold out immediately, and now, as many collectors know, they sell at auction and privately for many thousands of dollars - with one of these works selling for US $8,800 at a March, 2016 public auction. "Wanting You" is a highly collectible embroidered handkerchief created by Tracey Emin. It is inspired by her popular neon light installations that spell out her intimate thoughts, desires, fears, and passions, in her recognizable script. As demonstrated in this piece, Emin’s work is frequently self-referential, and she consistently illustrates her own experiences and emotions in intense, intimate engagements with the viewer. This fabric work is accompanied by an ink signed and dated tag, with the lovely inscribed message, "With You in Mind." In excellent condition, with original folds, as issued.

Signature: Hand signed and inscribed in ink by Tracey Emin on attached tag

Acquired from the Artist's studio.

About Tracey Emin

A prominent member of the Young British Artists (YBAs), Emin works in a wide range of mediums, including film, painting, neon, embroidery, drawing, installation, and sculpture. Her work is intensely personal, revealing intimate details of her life with brutal honesty and poetic humor. She has spoken of “the narcissism behind what I do—the self, self, self—and how difficult it is for me to really share things, even though I think I am sharing all the time.” This paradoxical approach—at once audacious and confessional, narcissistic and self-deprecatory—earned Emin a nomination for the Turner Prize in 1999. Though she did not win, Emin received significant acclaim for her installation titled My Bed, which featured the artist’s unmade bed surrounded by personal items (from slippers to empty liquor bottles, cigarette butts, and condoms), exploring the allegorical qualities of a bed as a place of birth, sex, and death.

British, b. 1963, Croydon, United Kingdom, based in London, United Kingdom

Exhibition Highlights

Tracey Emin: Angel without You | Knight Exhibition Series