Tracy Krumm, ‘Pannier (Solo)’, 2017, Andrea Schwartz Gallery

About Tracy Krumm

Combining metalwork with crocheting, Tracy Krumm marshals disparate techniques and materials into cohesive sculptural objects. Krumm crochets conventional craft items such as curtains and drapes, but using steel and wire, in effect softening the metals and hardening forms usually rendered in fabric. The project began as a practical solution to incorporating found objects like old saws into the work, and has evolved to complicate antithetical associations, such as the normally gendered practices of metalworking and crocheting. “The work is always about balance and accommodation for me,” Krumm says. “There is the static and the flexible, the heavy and light, the delicate and almost ephemeral, and then the solid and the weighty.”

American, b. 1963, Minneapolis/ St. Paul, Minnesota, based in St. Paul, Minnesota