Trevor Vickers, ‘Catalan Series’, 1981-1983, Charles Nodrum Gallery

The work created in Brighton, UK. By about 1970 Vickers had abandoned the large shaped geometric paintings, with which he had become well known from his inclusion in The Field exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria, in favour of a reduced minimal format of abutting rectangles. However, he returned to the shaped canvas in the 1980s with the Catalan series, whose fluid and organic shapes and textures were loosely inspired by Gaudi’s elliptical forms and encrusted surfaces.

Signature: signed on reverse

Trevor Vickers – Catalan Series, 312 Lennox Street Gallery, Melbourne, 1988;
Modern Australian Painting, Charles Nodrum Gallery, Apr 22 - May 8, 2004, no. 41

Andrew Gaynor, Allan Willingham, Alex Selenitsch, Trevor Vickers - Untitled Painting, Art Collective WA, Perth, 2016, see see p 82-93 for further examples of the Catalan series

Private Collection, Melbourne, till 2004; Private Collection, WA, since then

About Trevor Vickers

Australian, b. 1941, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, based in Perth, Western Australia, Australia