Trine Bumiller, ‘Sonar’, 2016, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts

Image rights: Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, 2017

About Trine Bumiller

In her lushly painted works, composed of variously sized, interlocking panels that seem to creep across the walls like thick vines, Trine Bumiller presents visions of the natural world, shaped by memories, dreams, and personal experiences. As she describes, her paintings “are based on real things, such as trees, water, stones, and stars, which are abstracted and recombined to convey a sense of the patterns, rhythms and underlying forces inherent in our immediate environment. They merge a sense of place with a sense of memory and existence.” Bumiller’s compositions are dreamlike and fragmentary—they read as bits of the natural world recomposed from memories, re-ordered by emotion. Another Sky (2011), for example, is composed of six different panels, bearing images of newly blossoming branches, rain, water, and plants, whose forms and patterns seem both recognizable and abstract.

American, Cincinnati, Ohio