Troqman, ‘Break Down barriers’, 2017, Street Art for ACLU: Benefit Auction 2017

This work was specifically designed for this auction.

Born in Paris, based in Amsterdam and trained in advertising, Troqman is one of the most savvy, creative and engaging contemporary artists who uses the street as his canvas. Sketchbook in hand and at the ready, Troqman playfully assaults the streets of Europe with his cartoon characters, or as he calls them, CartoonBombings. Troqman imagines how his tiny, invented characters might interact with the actual street and hilariously creative adventures ensue. His sketches are joyful—they invite viewers to see their environment in a lighthearted way—and activate a whole new way of looking. Troqman is a true 21st-century artist, utilizing the ephemeral nature of his work as a response to the social media that dominates our modern consciousness. Although his works literally exist on the street for just a moment, they are fixed in a photograph or video and presented to the world via Instagram, Facebook and other social media venues. Ushering in a new era of what street art can look like and how it can be presented, Troqman shows us the limitless possibility of creativity, inspiration and humor in the contemporary age.
—Courtesy of Lizy Dastin

Signature: Signed