Trudy Benson, ‘Still Life’, 2017, ICI: Benefit Auction 2017

“Her paintings dampen fashionable cleverness and allow the viewer to enjoy these works for their sheer retinal voluptuousness.”
— Nathaniel Lee, Artforum

Contributing to the next chapter of the history of painting in the digital age, Brooklyn-based artist Trudy Benson creates richly textured abstract works using a range of techniques inspired by digital collage. She draws inspiration from rudimentary computer drawing software such as Microsoft Paint, as well as the sophisticated structure of Photoshop to create contrasting layers and impastoed forms. Benson seems to holds the paintbrush the way the hand holds a mouse. In Still Life (2017), she employs various types of mark making – bold brushstrokes, spray paint, intense colors, squiggly lines, and jazzy forms – to lead the viewer on a journey through the playful layers of her canvas.

Recent projects include T52, Lyles & King, New York; Spooky Action at a Distance, Half Gallery, New York; Shapes of Things, Lisa Cooley, New York; and Post-Analog Painting, The Hole, New York, among others.
—Courtesy of ICI

Image rights: Courtesy of the artist and Lyles & King, New York

Lyles & King, New York
Artist's studio

About Trudy Benson

Incorporating the appearance of digital graphics into her decidedly handmade work, Trudy Benson makes paintings for the 21st century. She describes her abstract pieces as “inspired by old imaging software,” but also expresses a desire “to prove that painting is better than computers.” She builds up her mid- to large-scale compositions in layers and uses a range of paints, including enamel, acrylic, spray paint, and oil. The richly textured surfaces feature geometric shapes, stripes, and other flattened forms interwoven with exuberant, sweeping scribbles and thick impasto lines that read as sculptural reliefs. Benson does not shy away from drips, scratches, and errant globs of pigment; she considers accidents an important part of her process and, by extension, the finished piece.

American, b. 1985