TrustoCorp, ‘God Help Us’, 2011, Doyle

A multi-media project by famed artist Tristan Eaton, TRUSTOCORP created Street Art as well as studio work that was both precise in its design, and incredibly witty in its cynical takes on societal and political norms. Illegal public installations of signs with statements such as “Punch Hate in the Face” and “Cash Ruins Everything Around Me” ran throughout the Lower East Side from roughly 2010-2012, an incredibly successful campaign that often fooled passersby into believing it was legal city signage. A solo exhibition at Allouche Gallery in Soho (at that time Opera Gallery) contained a massive amount of studio works including a giant-sized working “Operation” game, which confronted the health care crisis. The bold colors and impeccable design of Eaton’s solo work is obviously prevalent in TRUSTOCORP, however, the message is confrontational, timely and incredibly intelligent.

Framed. Dimensions of Frame: 63 x 49 x 1.5"

Signature: Artist's label affixed to the reverse.

Life Cycle, 2011, Opera Gallery, New York

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